A former member of the Jhereg Council who arranged for Kelly's group to be assigned legal responsibility for the destruction of an Imperial watchtower. The event contributed to the Revolt of 244.

Boralinoi had accomplished several nasty things to establish his position, and is considered competent at securing compromises between enemies, though not personally. His Organization works out of the shop of an authentic leather worker. He was once personally visited in his office by Vladimir Taltos after hearing that he ordered to Cawti's arrest. In the exchange that followed, Boralinoi informed Vlad that his arrangements specifically targeted Cawti, and Vlad responded by informing Boralinoi that he was going to kill him. Vladimir left the establishment after injuring five of his guards and putting two of them out of action.

Later, Vladimir testified under the Orb against Boralinoi to the Empress in order to free Cawti. Zerika later authenticated a document falsely presenting Boralinoi to the King of Greeneare as the individual ordering his fathers assassination after managing to capture and restrain him. Vladimir chose to take the opportunity to deliver his promise to Boralinoi with his characteristic knife to the left eye.

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