Viscount Brimford, usually called The Warlock, sometimes known as Laszló.

An Easterner and extremely skilled witch who has two familiars, Awtlá and Sireng, which appears to be a unique situation. (They are also his Soulmates.) After proving his value during the restoration of the Dragaeran Empire, Zerika the Fourth granted him his imperial title, also unusual for an Easterner.

He and Zerika were lovers before she found out she was to become Empress, and reunited after she had recovered the Orb.

He had renounced the name Laszló by the time of The Viscount of Adrilankha, during which he was known as "The Warlock". Practitioners of "The Art", that is, witchcraft, are sometimes obliged to go on a quest for a name and soulmate, and though he'd found his soulmates (his familiars), he had not found a name until after his important role in the ninth (or tenth) Battle of Dzur Mountain, in gratitude for which he was granted the title of Brimford by the Empress. He immediately adopted that as his name, though Zerika continues to call him Laszló in her private capacity.

It should be noted that Vlad meets Brimford, about 250 years after the Interregnum, and Brimford's not particularly old-looking. Brimford is therefore unnaturally long-lived for an Easterner, perhaps aided by his witchcraft (as Arra was).

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