Calvor of Drem was a Phoenix poet popular at the time of Adron's Disaster. When Pel realized that Adron was in danger of being assassinated at the dedication ceremony for the Pavilion of Kieron, Pel ingeniously discouraged Adron from attending by forging a note from Calvor's scribe and sending it to Adron. In the note, the pretended scribe expressed Calvor's incredible excitement to be appearing along with the Dragon Heir at the dedication ceremony, and Calvor's intention to read from his recent work, Morning in the Mountains.

Adron, knowing full well that Calvor was a colossal bore, cancelled his own appearance at the ceremony. While Khaavren was visiting Adron, the Prince received a second note from Calvor's actual scribe. In the second note, Calvor's real scribe expressed confusion over the apology that Adron had sent in response to the first letter. In fact, Calvor had never intended to appear at the dedication.

Khaavren recognized Pel's handwriting on the first, forged, note. The Captain of the Guard was still reluctant, however, to go to the dedication ceremony, in case his theory was incorrect. Khaavren did not want to risk actually having to listen to a reading of Calvor's poetry.

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