The Dragaeran continent is home to a diverse species of wildlife: kethna, lyorn, goats, sheep, cattle, horses, donkeys, newts, boars, deer, norska, darr, jhegaala, iorich, vallista, yendi, chreotha, dogs, wolves, foxes, bears, hyena, tsalmoth, dzur , tiassa , cats, cat-centaurs (deductively, possibly centaurs) orca, teckla, rats, hawks, jhereg, dragons, issola, athyra, phoenix, chickens, geese, ducks, pheasant, partridges, difowl, skirda, stunted lichbirds, owls, daythieves, and various bird species which are yet unnamed.

Some of them were genetically "mixed" with Dragaerans by Jenoine and developed into Dragaerans with physical and personal characteristics reminiscent of their anscestors.

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