This page is about the House of the Chreotha. For the animal, see Chreotha (animal). The book Chreotha has not yet been published.

Chreotha are typically involved in some form of trade. While technically members of the nobility, the Chreotha are often seen in seedy inns filled with Teckla.

As with most Orca, Chreotha are not easy to negotiate with.

Appropriate to the weaving skills of the animal for which they are named, Chreotha are often tailors. There also exist numerous Chreotha merchants and inkeepers.

See also Speculation:Cycle Turnings.

House CharacteristicsEdit

  • House colors: black and brown
  • Associated concept: forethought and ensnarement
  • Physical appearance:
    • stubby fingers
    • sometimes curly black hair
    • black or brown eyes
  • Personality traits:
    • apparently shy and easily flustured
    • very tricky
    • sometimes mischievous
    • sly
    • bright
    • farsighted
    • able to plan prudently for the future
  • Social status: noble

Notable ChreothaEdit

Place in Cycle
Followed by:

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