A red-headed Easterner who lived in the village of Burz. His complexion and hair-color would imply that he was not a native Fenarian, but rather was born in one of the other Eastern Kingdoms.

Dahni was employed by Count Saekeresh as a man-at-arms, and also given certain other tasks by the Count. These included solving particularly troublesome problems for the Count, such as the problems raised by the sudden appearance of Vlad Taltos in Burz. There were rumors among the villagers that Dahni may also have been responsible for the task of locating female companionship for the Count from time to time.

Dahni certainly found time to engage in his own enterprises, also. He was contacted and conspired with a Jhereg assassin to deliver Vlad to his death, but was unable to complete this arrangement. Later, Dahni was discovered in this plot, and used by Vlad to locate the assassin and dispose of him. During the course of this, Dahni skipped town and was apparently not seen again in Burz. His ultimate fate is therefore unknown.

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