According to Vlad Taltos, Dragaerans cannot cook. If you want good food, try an Easterner.

While Vlad's opinion may be somewhat biased, certainly the most popular restaurant in the Dragaeran Empire "Valabar's" is run by a family of Easterners.

Several Dragaerans, however, are noted as being good cooks (Tukko, Lar, and Mica are examples).

Khaavren employs a Cook at Whitecrest Manor, herself trained at Valabar's, who seems to delight in preparing quite extravagant dishes.

Much food is followed by a nice cup of Klava, or perhaps a good Fenarian Brandy.

On the left, there are several examples of what seem to be decent meals from the novels:

"Aerich caused a meal to be prepared, featuring a suckling kethna that had been fed on onions and chives, and which was stuffed with partridges snared in the woods behind his pond, as well as radishes from his garden and lurker mushrooms grown in the shadows of the Collier Hills, the whole served with the dry, white wine from his own vineyards." The Lord of Castle Black

"There are as many ways to prepare the longfish as there are villages in the staffhead, from the spit-roasting common in the upper reaches to spicy stews of the lower river—but perhaps the best is the simplest: quick frying in butter with a bit of garlic, a few of the local sweet onions, slivered, and the merest hint of juice from the bitternut, the whole accompanied by goslingroot just barely steamed and the delicate white Roolina wine from the mountains." The Lord of Castle Black

An alternative for long fish: "They stopped that evening at an inn which could have been a twin to the Silver Goblet, save that the longfish was prepared with lemon and capers, and, in Illista's opinion, over-cooked." The Lord of Castle Black

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