Goodrow and his niece founded a sorcerous messenger service during the early stages of Zerika the Fourth's reign. This was possible because of improvements made to the Orb while it rested in Paths of the Dead, which allowed for improved telepathy. Goodrow created a network of sorcerors who would send and receive messages from one another. The messages would then be written down and delivered by messengers wearing outlandish garb.

Khaavren encountered a messenger from Goodrow & Niece when Morrolan's invitation to the dedication party of Castle Black arrived. Khaavren engaged the messenger in an hilarious exchange, which showed the Tiassa's attitudes about honor and propriety as counterbalanced against more mercenary considerations.

It is unknown whether Goodrow & Niece succeeded as a business operation. There are no mentions of it, nor any other indications that any sorcerous messenger services of any kind are in operation, during Vlad's time.

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