This page is about the House of the Hawk. For the book, see Hawk (book). For the animal, see Hawk (animal).

A stylized hawk

The House of the Hawk is one of the seventeen Great Houses of the Dragaeran Empire.

Members of the House of Hawk are noted for their dispassionate observational skills, tendency to focus on one thing to the exclusion of others, and immense curiosity.

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House CharacteristicsEdit

  • House colors: Black and red
  • Associated concept: observation and perception
  • Physical appearance:
    • chiseled facial structure
    • angular face
    • sharp features
  • Personality traits:
    • aloof
    • distant
    • reserved
    • keen
    • obsevant (when focused)
    • obliviousness (when intense focus distracts them from peripheral events)
    • sagacious
    • scholarly
    • sharp
  • Social status:
    • Noble

Notable HawksEdit

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