This page is about the House of the Issola. For the book, see Issola (book). For the animal, see Issola (animal).

The Issola are known as natural diplomats. They normally tend toward courtliness, manners, grace, tact and beauty.

When it is in their interest to do so, however, they tend to take sudden, decisive and typically offensive actions without any prior warning.

Issola are masters of many protocols and languages.

They may serve as stewards (such as Teldra), while they are also commonly entertainers (such as Sara).

House CharacteristicsEdit

  • House colors: Green and white
  • Associated concept: courtliness and surprise
  • Physical appearance:
    • pale complexion ("fine, fair skin")
    • light brown hair [1]
  • Personality traits:
    • courteous
    • outwardly polite
    • tend toward diplomacy
  • Social status:
    • Noble

Notable IssolaEdit

Place in Cycle
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  1. The Phoenix Guards, pg 18 (paperback)