This page is about the animal Jhegaala. For the House of the Jhegaala, see Jhegaala. For the book, see Jhegaala (book).

All we know about the jhegaala is that it changes form during its lifetime. It lives in swamps and spends stages as an egg, a large toad, and a moth, and possibly other things. ("Jhegaala shifts as moments pass.") ("... a trail even a nymph jhegaala could follow.")

The specific names of the various life stages of the jhegaala are:

  • Egg
  • Apoptera
  • Steminastria
  • Notonide
  • Levidopt

Apparently, the word "jhegaala" is related to the word "jhereg". It is suggested that this is because the adult form of the jhegaala is winged and venomous.

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