The sword carried by Kieron the Conqueror, used by him to unite the various Dragaeran tribes (later Houses) and create the first Empire.

This sword was carried by Kieron in the Paths of the Dead and given to Aliera e'Kieron when she was resurrected there with the help of Vlad Taltos and Morrolan e'Drien. Kieron cautioned Aliera not to lose the sword, or else he would come out of the Paths to retrieve it. Aliera seemed to consider this possibility to be an advantage, rather than the opposite, however.

Later, after the Battle of Baritt's Tomb, the sword was traded by Aliera to Sethra the Younger for Pathfinder, who hoped the historical significance of Kieron's weapon would inspire other Dragaerans to follow her in an invasion of the east.

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