Kytraan e'Lanya was a young Dragonlord who was born during the Interregnum. Son of Uttrik e'Lanya, the old friend of Khaavren.

It was Kytraan, in the livery of the Phoenix, who came to Whitecrest in order to bring Piro back to Dzur Mountain at the request of Sethra Lavode.

Kytraan then accompanied Piro, Zerika, Tazendra and others in the quest to escort Zerika to Deathgate Falls where she could retrieve the Orb from the Paths of the Dead.

Kytraan's sword, called Reason, was given him by his father.

Later, Kytraan became a member of Piro's band of highwaymen and became one of his closest friends.

Kytraan was sorcerously beheaded by Grita during Piro's assault on Grita and Illista's cavernous hideaway, while Kâna made his final attempt to win the Orb.

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