Meta-commentary on the story Edit

Steve has written, in response to a question of what the status of "A Dream of Passion" was:

Same as always: it was an unpaid little thingy written for the chapbook of a convention, and I refuse to be bound by it. Sheesh, I no longer even remember what happens in it except for the Zelazny reference that was sort's [sic] of it's whole point.

The [Roger] Zelazny reference is presumably a scene in Nine Princes in Amber. In that book, while Corwin and Random are Shadowdriving, they run into a storm. Corwin briefly sees "a horseman, racing in the other direction, dressed all in gray, collar turned high and head lowered against the rain."

"A Dream of Passion" has a brief moment where Vlad is riding a horse when a storm breaks, and he sees "a wagon going very fast in the other direction, with bright lamps and no horses", which is presumably meant to be Random and Corwin's car.

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