Amorphia on Dragaera shares a few properties with raw Chaos in Roger Zelazny's Amber worlds. In the Amber series, which is known to be a major inspiration for Brust's work, all sorceries (and many sorcerous beings) are drawn, usually indirectly, from raw Chaos itself. It is possible, though extremely dangerous, to draw directly on raw Chaos as the source for a spell -- and doing so formed Merlin's final exam in his magical studies.

Raw chaos, once unleashed, is likely to spread a long distance, consuming anything in its path, before settling down. This is true in both the Amber and the Dragaera universes.

A case could also be made for the Pattern being loosely analogous to the Orb, or perhaps to those purple veins of necrophia in Trellanstone -- both mediate the power of chaos and make it amenable to human control. Both can be created only by gods (if you consider that Chaos Lords and Amber Lords are about as close to gods as Zelazny allows.)

It is also reminscent of cacoastrum in Brut's To Reign in Hell, with iliaster corresponding to controlled amorphia or energy funneled through the Imperial Orb.