It was pointed out in the Dragaera mailing list that each of the descriptions of the Seven Wizards in Athyra (book) actually corresponds rather well with the members of the writer's group that Steven Brust was/is part of, the Scribblies.

The correspondences are almost certainly as follows:

Wizard Person
She Who Is Small finds the secrets of the present in the past; that when the past is known, it is the power of the mage to find Truth in Mystery; that thus is the latter transformed into the former. Kara Dalkey
She Who Is Tall says that the secret is in the song, and opens only to one who dares to sing. It is said that when she sings, the secret is plain to all who listen, but that it is hidden again when the song is past, and few are those who are blessed to hear the echoes of Truth in the Silence that follows. Emma Bull
She Whose Hair Is Red wraps the secret ever tighter in skeins of words, so that it vanishes as if it never were, and in these layers of words the secret emerges, shining, so that it is hidden to those who look, yet revealed to those who take joy in the unfolding patterns and sounds of words. Pamela Dean
He Whose Eyes Are Green knows where the secret lies, for his eyes pierce every shadowy place; yet he no sooner finds the secret than he buries it anew. But it is said that in the burying the secret has changed, while that which was hidden walks the land ever after, waiting but for one to recognize it, and offer it refuge. Will Shetterly
He Whose Hair Is Dark laughs at secrets, for his pleasure is in the search, not the discovery -- and the paths he follows in this search stem from whim, not from plan. Some say that in this way he reveals as many as another. Steven Karl Zoltán Brust
Of the Gentle One it is said that she sets down the order and method of all things, and that, in this way all hidden things may be found. To her, each detail is a signpost, and when each is placed in its own position, the outline of the secret will be laid bare for any who will look. Patricia Wrede
The Master of Rhyme still searches for the Way of the Wizards, for to him, this is the greatest Secret of all. Yet, as he searches, he lets fall Truths for all of those who come after, and in this he sees no miracle, for what is plain to one is a Secret to the next. He is often praised for this, but it is meaningless to him, for who among Men will rejoice in finding Truth that he has never thought hidden? Nate Bucklin

Pamela Dean (of the Scribblies) introduces a book titled The Book of the Seven Wizards in chapters 6 and 8 of the third book of her Secret Country trilogy, The Whim of the Dragon (Ace Books, 1989).

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