Devera appears (or is noted as absent) in nearly every book by Meta:Steven Brust. Or at least, someone very much like her does.

A complete list up to 2004 of these appearances is at the Devera FAQ. Further appearances (post-Issola) may be added here.

Dzur (book)Edit

  • p. 35:

As I was coming in, I head what sounded like bare feet running away, and I almost thought I heard a giggle, but I didn't give it too much of a thought.

  • p. 109:

And there was another voice, too, only for a moment.

I'm sorry Ucle Vlad. I have to. But it isn't lost, and you'll have it all back someday--

Yes. There it was. And who do I trust now? She sounded so harmless; the epitome of all that could be trusted: sweet and innocent. But she was older than I, and she was Verra's granddaughter. I had other memories of her, too, and many of them came rushing back, begging to be reinterpreted, with all of my natural cynicism let loose on them.

Jhegaala (book)Edit

  • p.179:

A child's voice whispered "I'm sorry," and I have no idea what makes me think it was a child's voice--how can you tell from a whisper? But I thought so at the time, and I wondered what she'd done. But the voice seemed to warm me, somehow, and I stopped shivering.

  • p.188:

I suddenly remembered the child's whisper I'd heard, and it occurred to me that the child hadn't been apologizing, she'd been expressing sympathy.

Iorich (book)Edit

  • p.112: (Vlad Norathar is four)

"Where did you find the toy?"
"A little girl makes them, and brings them around. I don't know why, but she seems harmless."
"A little girl? Does she have a name?"

  • p.138: (Vlad Norathar is eight)

"He has friends?"
"A few. And the little girl, Devera, comes by from time to time."
"Good," I said.

  • p.228:

What she (Aliera) said was, "I don't mind my daughter playing with your son."
"Um. Okay, thanks."

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