Dragaera is a fictional world, the setting of a number of books by Steven Brust. It is inhabited by two major intellegent species, generally known as Dragaerans and Easterners, as well as several other races such as the Serioli, cat-centaurs, and the gods.

The term "Dragaera" is generally used by fans, and occasionally within the books, to refer to the planet on which the books take place. However, the term can also refer to the Dragaeran Empire, or to the old Imperial capital, Dragaera City.

The planet has a thirty-hour day and a 289-day year (see Time). It is unclear whether the lengths of the hours are identical to the lengths of Terran hours, although there is reason to speculate that they are. The gravity is similar to Earth's.

For more about Dragaeran culture, also see Books of Dragaera, Music of Dragaera, and Food of Dragaera

See Also Organizations

Dragaera was originally a gaming scenario run by Steven Brust for some of his friends. This was in turn taken from a game universe called "Piarra", created by Robert Sloan (also known as Adrian Morgan & Adrienne Thornley), who receives credit for this in the Acknowledgements of various of Brust's novels.

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