Most music in Dragaera is performed solo or in small groups. (What some would call "Chamber Music.")

Large cities such as Adrilankha or Harte may also sponsor peasant orchestras. These are likely rather smaller ensembles than the orchestras that we are used to, and their traditional instrumentation includes violin, bagpipe, fretted demkor, and slimwhistle.

We also know from a dialogue between Khaavren and Daro of several other instruments that were known in the last years of Tortaalik's reign. These include the following: reed-pipes, chanter-pipes, wood-pipes, brass-pipes, polychords, idiophones (clappers, knockers, and cymbals), membranophones, and the organophone. This might imply a much larger system of orchestration at that time.

Various minstrels perform in large cities, such as Adrilankha, and others wander from town to town in the countryside. Many are members of the Minstrel's Guild.

In Adrilankha, various persons arrange bookings for performers with tavern owners. As on Earth, some of these persons are more honest and reliable than others.

See also Meta:Music of Dragaera.

Notable Musicians of DragaeraEdit

and his group, consisting of:

  • Beed'n -- A famous composer of military marching songs

Notable Musical Contacts in AdrilankhaEdit

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