Nett was a member of the Lavodes at the time of Adron's Disaster. She spoke at the debate among the Lavodes that took place on the dawn of battle. Although many Lavodes thought Tortaalik a fool, Sethra warned them that Adron was prepared to invoke Elder Sorcery against the Orb, and therefore threaten the Cycle itself.

Once they learned of this threat, the Lavodes unanimously agreed to attack Adron forthwith. Although Sethra was reluctant due to her great friendship with Adron, she felt it her duty to lead the attack. Nett gainsaid the Enchantress, however. In an eloquent speech, Nett reminded all there assembled that flexibility in the face of conflicts of honor was a prime reason many had chosen service in the Lavodes. Nett urged Sethra to remain at the palace to ensure the Emperor survived the conflict, while the rest of the Lavodes strove to stop Adron.

Nett's plan was adopted at once. Roila Lavode was selected to lead the attack. Thanks to Nett, Sethra was nearby when Adron lost control of his spell, and was thus able to save Aliera and the Orb by teleporting them, more or less, to the Paths of the Dead.

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