A female jhereg, mate of Loiosh. Sometimes mistakenly taken for a second familiar of Vlad Taltos. Rocza doesn't have a strong psychic link with Vlad, but communicates mostly through Loiosh. As is common amongst the jhereg, Rocza is noticeably larger than Loiosh, and ranges from an autumn color of dark brown, to a lighter brown in spring and summer. She usually does not understand the reasons behind Vlad's requests, but carries them out at the urging of her mate, and because she finds some of them fun. She refers to Vlad as "The Provider", alluding to the conditions under which their association was formed.


Rocza presumably lived as a wild jhereg in the jungles of central Dragaera until well into adulthood.

When Vlad found himself confronted with a first-class warrior named Mellar in the jungles of central Dragaera, he used his skills as a witch to psionically call out for help, and Rocza answered his plea. Once Vlad's friends managed to locate him, they arrived to find Mellar dead and Rocza feasting on his carcass.

Once Rocza met Loiosh, the two immediately hit it off, and they became mates immediately thereafter.

Rocza soon became very close to Cawti, and often stayed with her during the tumultuous period of Vlad and Cawti's break-up.

She formed a close relationship with the Teckla youth Savn during Vlad's trip to Smallcliff, and aided the boy in killing the Athyra Wizard Loraan.

Current EventsEdit

Rocza still accompanies Vlad and Loiosh during his ongoing run from the Jhereg Council. Recently she has been somewhat disturbed by the long amounts of time she has been required to spend in Adrilankha, since she is far more comfortable in the wild.



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