A Teckla boy who lived in Smallcliff with his Maener and Paener (Cwelli and Olani) and his sister Polyi.

Savn was an apprentice to a physicker named Master Wag.

When Vlad arrived in Smallcliff during his wanderings, he befriended Savn.

Later, when Vlad discovered that the Baron of Smallcliff was none other than the Athyra wizard Loraan, Savn aided Vlad in his attempt to kill Loraan.

In the end, it was actually Savn who killed Loraan, saving Vlad's life. During this process, however, Savn received a blow to the head, which, along with the mental anguish involved with killing his lord with a Morganti weapon, drove him over the edge of sanity into a semi-catatonic state (see Athyra).

When Vlad left Smallcliff, he took Savn with him, in search of a physicker who could help the lad's condition. Eventually he found one, an old woman named Hwdf'rjaanci, who managed, with the help of Vlad and Kiera, to bring him somewhat out of his catatonic state (see Orca).

By the time of Issola Vlad apparently had taken Savn back to his family in Smallcliff.

By the time of Tiassa Savn was nearly recovered, thanks in part to a special artifact.

See also Speculation:Savn.

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