Sethra LavodeEdit

It could be speculated that the most famous of crossbreeds is Sethra Lavode

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Dragaeran-Easterner crossbreedsEdit

Aliera's statements againstEdit

The apparent balance of opinion is that Easterners and Dragaerans cannot interbreed. Aliera states:

"Don't be Absurd," she said sharply. "Dragaerans and Easterners can't interbreed."

(Jhereg, Ch 9, Pg 80, omnibus.) She's the geneticist, after all.

Sethra's Comments ForEdit

Aliera is known to be somewhat speciesist; it's not inconceivable that her prejudice against Easterners would lead her to reject out of hand the possibility of crossbreed, as it led to her rejecting the possibility that Dragaerans were descended from Easterners.

Sethra's discussion of history in Issola says that the Jenoine CREATED the Dragerans by intermixing animal genes with Easterner stock.

While this does not definitively say that the two species are still genetically compatible enough to interbreed, it does suggest that they're not so far apart as Aliera would like us to believe.

Brokedown Palace May Contain Evidence ForEdit

On the other hand, one interpretation of certain events in Brokedown Palace suggests they can. To clarify the pertinence of Brokedown Palace in this matter: There are hints that Brigitta, who certainly appears to be an seventeen-year-old woman, might be part-Easterner and part-Dragaeran. These hints include the Demon Goddess emphasizing Brigitta's lineage, and Brigitta herself crying out "I'm not human. I'm not elf. My father was —" — and goes no further, but perhaps implies that she is half of both. A hint that Brigitta might be much older than she appears is when she speaks of the trees of her home in the Wandering Forest not reaching more than 400 years before they rot and fall — a somewhat surprisingly long-term point-of-view for an seventeen-year-old human. And finally, when Miklós talks to Devera, he says "You are fully of Faerie blood [...]", which might imply that he, at least, thinks that it might be possible for someone to not be fully of Faerie blood; that is, part elf and part human. (Of course, Vlad thought that such as thing was possible, also. (Which led directly to Aliera's explicit negative, mentioned above) so this doesn't really prove very much; Miklós knows even less about Dragaerans than Vlad does.)

Brigitta's father is also said to have "taken on his original form" to terrorize her mother... Which doesn't sound much like a typical Dragaeran.

See also Speculation:Brigitta.


Other than social racism, might there be a reason for this rigid separation of Houses? Perhaps it has to do with the function of the Cycle.  The question of how a cross-breed might navigate the Paths of the Dead may also be an issue, as the books offering guidance on such journeys are House-specific.

See also Speculation:Cycle.

As can be seen, the above are all somewhat tenuous, which is why this is rather categorically speculation.

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