Isn't it a bit odd that the Demon is only the "number two" man? Perhaps he was summoned by the number one, in an effort to keep the Jhereg running and dissuade power seekers (if the #2 man is directly controlled by you without fail, he could be a buffer between you and everyone else.)

See also Speculation:Jhereg Council.

He might also be Mario.

See also Speculation:Mario.

Another idea: the "unnamed demon" that fights with Morrolan e'Drien, according to Vlad Taltos, might be somehow connected to Tri'nagore. That is, it might have been Tri'nagore himself, seeking vengeance for what Morrolan did to him, or, far more likely, given what Morrolan did to Tri'nagore, the demon might have been sent by Tri'nagore from whatever plane(s) of existence Tri'nagore can still manifest on.

Either way, an interesting thought.

See also Speculation:Tri'nagore.

This would also tie in rather nicely to the idea that Tri'nagore was somehow responsible for Loraans return to the land of the living.

See also Speculation:Loraan.

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