According to Steven Brust and Tiassa, Devera's father is Kieron the Conqueror; she is conceived in a constructed node that is both the Paths of the Dead, and modern Dragaera, possibly Verra's Halls.

Devera is apparently a shapeshifter of some sort, and she might therefore be the cat that appears in Verra's Halls. In Phoenix, the cat leads Vlad Taltos to Verra's throne room; later, Devera climbs into her grandmother's lap in what might be meant to be a somewhat catlike manner.

Aliera owns a white cat as well; it might be that this cat is, at times, not just a cat. One can never tell, with shapeshifters (or with Devera).

Devera, when she appears, often seems to do so on the boundaries between worlds, (Morrolan's Window, Verra's Halls, in the mountain pass between Fenario and Faerie, etc.) or on the boundaries between levels of consciousness (when Vlad is badly injured, being tortured, and the like). Is this an ability or a restriction?

Devera is a GoddessEdit

Due to Devera's ancestry, where she lives, and her unusual and excessive abilities, Devera may become a Goddess. This would explain her ability to travel through time and other powers. She may replace her grandmother upon the latter's death.

Mafenyi the Goddess has apparently told Devera that she can be a Goddess, but Devera doesn't seem to be currently interested in that.

Devera is a necromancerEdit

Devera's training by her mother (who claims to be a competent necromancer but not in The Necromancer's league), her ability/tendency to appear at the boundaries between worlds, and her "gold-sparks" effect transport, all point toward a powerful and developing necromantic ability. It may be that she is or will become a master of this art.

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