While we know the approximate length of the Dragaeran day and year, the planetary mass, volume, and surface area are unclear.

Given that the planet houses (presumably) a reasonably similar atmosphere to our own, and that the gravity is roughly the same, here are some speculative values for important planetary statistics of Dragaera (the Planet).

Planetary StatisticsEdit

Equatorial Diameter: 12,189 km (*) (This is 17 times 717, and is a reasonable value, so it seemed appropriate)

Planetary Radius: 6094.5 km

Planetary Volume: 9.48212 x 1011 km3

Planetary Circumference: 38292.87 km

Surface Area: 4.6675 x 108 km2

Mass: 5.3346 x 1024 kg

Density: 5,610 kg/m3 (*) (This is 17 times 330, and is a reasonable value)

Gravity: Approx .9 g

Orbital Period: 289 Days (8670 hours)

Rotational Period: 30 Hours

Axial Tilt: 25.5 degrees (*) (This is 17 x 1.5)

Average Orbital Distance: 147,407,817.5 km

Average Orbital Speed: 29.67 km/s

Orbital Circumference: 926,190,633.079 km

Dragaera's Sun StatisticsEdit

Type: G2 (Main Sequence)

Stellar Mass: 1.9891 × 1030 kg (*)

(*) This value is speculative, and the basis for the other calculations

Note: For orbital calculations, the Dragaeran sun has been assumed to be the same mass as ours.


These values make the planet somewhat smaller and less massive than Earth, slightly larger and more massive than Venus, and slightly denser than either.

This would allow for a similar orbital velocity to Earth, with a slightly closer orbit to the primary. Using the above figures, these exact values could also be calculated.

Gravity would be approximately the same as Venus--comfortable for humans, but allowing for a greater proliferation of flying creatures (Jhereg, Tiassa, Athyra, etc.) than we have. This would also allow our heroes to feel "heavier than normal" when visiting another world with an Earth-type atmosphere (as in Issola).

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