Aliera's description to Vlad about the second Dragon-Jhereg War, right before Adron's Disaster, differs profoundly from Paarfi's account. According to Five Hundred Years After, Adron e'Kieron was at full power, with his Elder Sorcery and his mighty Breath of Fire Battalion as he attempted to overthrow the Phoenix Emperor, only to be thwarted when Mario, acting totally independently from Adron, killed Tortaalik at an inopportune (for Adron, and for the Empire) moment.

In Aliera's account, however, the whole thing started when a Jhereg harbored by Adron was killed by another Jhereg, was given up by his House, but escaped and killed some Dragons and his own bosses. This sparked a war between Dragon and Jhereg, which led to Adron moving before he was ready, and without some of his best generals and sorcerors, so that the spell got out of control and destroyed the Empire. Why is Aliera's account so different than Paarfi's? Some possibilities:

  • Aliera's version is true, and Paarfi made his version up out of whole cloth to cover up the scandalous fact that a Dragon conspired with the Jhereg;
  • Aliera made her version up out of whole cloth, in a version that lessens her father's responsibility for the disaster;
  • Aliera sought to cover up Mario's role in the events, since they were lovers;
  • The Interregnum led to a great confusion of the events and records, and Aliera pieced together her tale from a bunch of half-remembered hints and rumors;
  • Aliera was lying about the second Dragon-Jhereg war, but in a way that would justify her drastic actions to prevent another one from starting, since Morrolan was preventing Vlad and friends from doing anything about Mellar.

It should be noted that Paarfi himself addresses this very topic in the preface to The Paths of the Dead, claiming that Aliera simply overestimated the effect of the Dragon-Jhereg war on Adron's plans.

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