Hwdf'rjaanci's history is not completely certain, but there are hints about her that likely reveal several important facts:

  • Her name is Kanefthali, which implies that she is, also.
    • Based on this, we might conclude that she is a Vallista, since historically, the inhabitants of this region have been Vallista (or Dragons, but she didn't strike Vlad (or Kiera) as being of that house).
  • She attempted to heal five persons with Savn's type of mental illness, two at least somewhat successfully.
    • Her comments about the death of her husband, combined with the description of one of her failed attempts at healing, strongly imply that she attempted to heal her husband after he was attacked by robbers, but she ended up making the problem worse, eventually resulting in his death.

This all makes a certain amount of sense, given that her husband was a wood-carver by trade, which (presuming her husband was also a Vallista) is a typical trade for his house.

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