The Three Ibronkas Edit

There is a line of speculation from the discussion lists that notes the fact that at least three individuals share the common name of Ibronka within the books of Dragaera.

Given the fact that one of these is a Dragaeran (The Dzur who was Piro's lover) and the other two (Vlad Taltos' grandmother, and one of his former girlfriends) are Easterners (and are also clearly not the same person), the likelihood is that these are three distinct individuals who simply happen to share a fairly common name.

Assuming that one or more of them is the same person leads to the following absurd situations:

  • Vlad dated a Dragaeran, which he has said he never does


  • Vlad's grandfather married a Dragaeran, which is even sillier for various reasons, not least being that it would be completely out of character for Noish-pa


  • Vlad dated his own grandmother.

Note that Paarfi of Roundwood states in Sethra Lavode that Piro's Ibronka is not only still alive at the time of the writing (which is well after Vlad's likely death) but is even still living with Piro in Adrilankha.

Noish-pa's wife, Ibronka, on the other hand, died in the Revolt of 221.

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