We know there are only five council members, and that they change from time to time (i.e. Terion => Mellar => ??).

Of the known council members, only one that we've met is still alive (The Demon).

What is known of the others is now on the Jhereg Council main page, since the Council Members are described and named in Dzur.

It could be that the Number One Jhereg Councilmember is also accorded the rank and title of being the Jhereg Heir, but given how Jhereg aristocratic rank is portrayed as being utterly distinct from rank within the Jhereg Organization, this is very, very tentative.

Prior to the publication of Dzur, there was a certain degree of speculation about certain powerful Jhereg being members of the Council. These speculations included the following suggestions:

  • Stony may have been a council member. Kiera intimates that he's very high up in the Organization. We don't know exactly how high, but he seems to be quite powerful in regards to the Orca conspiracy. It is doubtful that he could be the head councilmember, however, since Vlad doesn't seem to know him. "Stony could secretly be Curithne, they both died about the same time and I would not think that the Jhereg Council would want it known that Vlad killed the # 1." (Kazulx 9/9/08)
  • Count Soffta may be a council member. Certainly he's a powerful Jhereg figure. However, there is no particular reason to think that the Imperial representative has to be a council member, so this isn't a given.
  • Mario may be a council member. He certainly is enough of a threat as an assassin to carry a great deal of weight within the organization. On the other hand, if Mario were a council member, it seems unlikely that the contract to kill Mellar would have been offered to Vlad. And being on the Council would mean that he would be very well known to at least four other people; far too much publicity for someone who has such an aura of awe and mystery.

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