One of the fundamental speculations about the Lavode Scandal is that it probably involved the revelation of Sethra being undead. This implies a few things:

  1. That being undead was generally uncommon, and perhaps Sethra was one of the first, if not the first
  2. That the Court reacted as one would expect, with horror
  3. That Sethra was banished from court (possibly for the first time, but having lived as long as Sethra has, and being the type of person she is, this seems unlikely)
  4. That the edicts against undead holding Imperial office likely date from this event.

Going a bit further, one might wonder about her being a Vampire, and how reaction to that bit information might have been received.

Also, G'aereth and Sethra were friends, and yet he comes out of the scandal in a good position? Interesting.

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