Uncertain ParentageEdit

Loudin might, just possibly, have been Noima's daughter, and just possibly, she may or may not have been Tortaalik's daughter. We don't know how House Phoenix designates its Heirs.

See also Speculation:Noima.

Conflicting Descriptions of EventsEdit

In Five Hundred Years After, Paarfi describes how Khaavren advises Vernoi to send Loudin and her unborn child away from the city. Chronologically later (but written much earlier), in Taltos, Morrolan claims that Sethra was the one responsible for saving Zerika from Adron's Disaster.

So, who is really responsible for saving Loudin, and by extension, Zerika? Was Paarfi fabricating Khaavren's hand in the rebirth of the Empire, or was Morrolan simply assuming that Sethra saved everyone who lived through the Disaster?

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