Mariska is a bit of an enigma.

Given that many fen of Dragaera suspect that Brokedown Palace reveals the parents of both Cawti and Vlad Taltos, it has been suggested that Mariska may, in fact, be Vlad's mother.

There is little hard evidence for or against this speculation.

  • Mariska is clever, somewhat manipulative (which might explain why she left Vlad's father later on), and is the appropriate age, assuming that Brokedown Palace occurs roughly thirty years before Vlad's time.
  • However this theory might be counter-indicated by a line in Issola in which Verra describes Vlad as being of "Peasant Stock". [Iss 78] Given that Mariska was the daughter of a Count, this wouldn't seem to work. However, Verra may have been describing only Vlad's paternal lineage, which could make this statement still be somewhat true, if a bit misleading. (Which Verra is very good at doing.)
See also Speculation:Vlad Taltos.

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