Paarfi mentions that Noima was delivered of child, but does not mention what the fate of that child was. Paarfi also mentions Princess Loudin as being the next Phoenix Heir, but does not describe her as being Tortaalik's daughter.

Was Paarfi perhaps trying to discreetly hint that Loudin was Noima's daughter, but not Tortaalik's? It may well be that Loudin was in fact the daughter of Jurabin and Noima, and the scandal of her origins was nearly completely suppressed by House Phoenix.

Of course, since accusations of bastardy would also reflect on Loudin's daughter, Zerika the Fourth, it's hardly surprising that Paarfi would be very, very careful about even hinting about it.

To the left, it is not even certain that a House's Heir need be related to a reigning Emperor, so it is possible that Loudin was not closely related to Tortaalik or Noima at all.

In addition, it seems unlikely that Noima's own daughter would serve as a maid of honor.

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