The Orb is perhaps the single most powerful artifact in all of Dragaera, its power being rivaled only by the Great Weapons Iceflame (which embodies the powers of Dzur Mountain) and Godslayer.

As such, there have been many different speculations about its exact powers, attributes, and abilities.

May be a Great WeaponEdit

It has been speculated that the Imperial Orb may be one of the seventeen Great Weapons. This is due primarily to its incredible power.

See also Speculation:Great Weapons.

May be Able to Extend LifespansEdit

It has been suggested that the Orb may play a role in extending the life of some characters, such as The Warlock, who seem to have lived far longer than would normally be possible.

Enhances the Abilities of Psychic PowersEdit

It has been demonstrated in the stories, most notably in Sethra Lavode, that the Orb is capable of providing increased Psychic abilities. This was used to great effect during the Battle of Adrilankha to provide communications for the Imperial Army that was defending the city.

Can be Used to EavesdropEdit

There are references (specifically in Orca) to previous Emperors having used the Orb to eavesdrop on private communications. However, the details of these abilities are sketchy.

May have been completely reformulated by the GodsEdit

The Orb is described as being "clear crystalline" after Mario forced it to shut down, yet when Zerika the Fourth retrieved the Orb from the Gods, she is noted as perceiving it as being dark grey when inactive. This may hint that the entire physical structure was modified or replaced during the Interregnum.

Of course, it is more likely that this is because Paarfi had no idea what trellanstone looked like when he first wrote Five Hundred Years After.

It is also possible that the effects of Mario's spell provoked a somewhat different reaction from the Orb than its stay in the Paths, which might also account for the difference in appearance.

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