It has been speculated on the Dragaera Mailing List that Paarfi of Roundwood is the witting mouthpiece of Sethra Lavode for the purpose of reporting the histories encompassed in the Khaavren Romances.

The Paarfi-is-Sethra's-Mouthpiece TheoryEdit

Let us assume Paarfi is accurate, or rather that he is not just pulling his histories from a nether region.

  • Paarfi notes in the prologue to "PotD" that he has relied for his first two histories (The Phoenix Guards, and Five Hundred Years After) on correspondence with Sethra Lavode, who does nothing lightly.
  • Paarfi gives away a lot of state secrets/personal info that should have led to his and his works' suppression if not officially sanctioned or ghost-authored.
  • Paarfi reports things beneficial on the whole to Sethra's reputation, and to that of her friends.
  • Paarfi goes to a lot of trouble however to (from a stranger's viewpoint) mock Morrolan, whereas the text makes much more sense as Sethra ribbing Morrolan.

As we now see, the histories lead to showing the Jenoine as deadly enemies of Dragaera, useful propaganda from Sethra's viewpoint (here assuming the last volume comes out in a continuing state of war, i.e., Vlad hasn't permanently dealt with the Jenoine by the end of volume 19 of the Vlad Taltos Series. Or perhaps the conclusion of the conflict with the Jenoine will turn out to have involved collateral damage - such as heavy civilian casualties - or unpopular restrictions of civic liberties).

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