The death of Vlad's father seems a bit unusual. A simple disdain for witchcraft because it is "eastern" seems an odd thing to risk one's life over.

This leads to a number of speculations as to why this belief actually led to his demise:

  1. His death may have been very sudden. If, at first, the symptoms did not seem so bad, then his refusal to be cured through witchcraft become believable. If the disease then suddenly took a severe turn for the worse, he may have died before Noish-pa was able to effect a cure over his objections.
  2. Verra intervened. The theory here is that Vlad's father died as a part of Verra's schemes to manipulate Vlad's destiny, and that for some reason it was an advantage to her plans to have his father die.
  3. His belief in Dragaeran reincarnation led Vlad's father to seek death in the chance that he may reincarnate as a Dragaeran himself. This might be extended by speculating that he was himself a reincarnated Dragaeran, who somehow discovered the memories of his previous life, and felt that living as a Easterner was a punishment. These memories may have been awakened by his wife, possibly through witchcraft —
See also Speculation:Vlad Taltos#Vlad's Mother.

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