It appears that revivification may well have existed in some form prior to the Interregnum.

When discussing the murder of the Marquis of Pepperfield by Kathana e'Marish'Chala (The Phoenix Guards, page 115), special mention is made of the fact that his spine was severed, and paint brushes stabbed into his eyes, which "because she had done these things, his life could not be saved."

This implies that had the spine not been severed, and the brain left intact, that his life would have been saved--which sounds exactly like the same kinds of limits as revivification as practiced after the Interregnum.

It seems likely that, similar to teleportation, revivification may have simply been much more exclusive to the upper-classes before the Orb was "improved" during its time in the Paths of the Dead.

To the LeftEdit

However, comments from The Lord of Castle Black seem to indicate that revivification as known during the time of Vlad Taltos essentially started shortly after the end of the Interregnum:

"More than that," observed Kelchor. "In the northwest, a dying man was saved."
"What of that?" said Ordwynac.
"He was so close to death that, even in the days of the old Empire, he would have been called a dead man. His heart had stopped, and there was little activity in his brain. Yet, an Athyra sorcerer-"
"So then," said Ordwynac, "the purification and enhancement of the Orb was successful. [...]"
-- The Lord of Castle Black, pg 377

And when Verra is expositing on the various things that have become possible since the end of the Interregnum, revivification is one of the things she specifically lists:

"Even resurrection of the dead has become possib-"
-- The Book of Taltos (containing Phoenix), pg 275

The single line from The Phoenix Guards is suspect as evidence - it is from Pel, and he's speaking casually while relating the latest gossip, not testifying to anything.

Kathana herself said that the paintbrushes were an exaggeration; she had no brushes with her, since she was about to present the painting, not working on it.

"You know how stories grow with everyone who repeats it."
-- The Phoenix Guards, pg 346

Finally, note that Paarfi is re-creating all of his scenes after the Interregnum. Perhaps he briefly forgot, while writing Pel's words, what was and was not possible before the Interregnum.

Really, this is a nearly entirely unsupported speculation - there's far more evidence against than there is for.

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