It has been theorized that the Sword of the Faerie may be a Great Weapon.

This sword apparently was retained by Adron e'Kieron after the Treaty of Pepperfield. It is conceivable that it may have been given to Baritt, and that it is, in fact, the same weak morganti blade that concealed Pathfinder.

In Dragon, the sword that concealed Pathfinder was described as a Greatsword, and when Khaavren proposed to trade his own sword(which was rather light by Dragaeran standards) for the Morganti blade of Crionofenarr, Crionofenarr agreed, and said he wouldn't be able to wield it anyway, due to its weight. This lends credence to the Faerie Sword-Pathfinder theory, but it's possible Pathfinder wasn't even concealed then(being concealed later, by Baritt.)

This is made more plausible by the fact that Baritt and Adron were on good terms with each other due to their complicity in the Yendi Conspiracy.

See also Speculation:Great Weapons.

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