Verra's VoiceEdit

Everyone who hears Verra hears something slightly different (as told by Teldra, in Issola), yet most people don't seem to hear the odd double-voice sensation mentioned by Vlad. This is quite possibly due to him overhearing Loiosh's version.

It is possible that Vlad was hearing two versions; one because he was an Easterner, and one because he was a reincarnated Dragaeran. This might explain why Vlad is the only one to notice the phenomenon, anyway. Others do seem to hear her say different things, however, appearing to answer questions she does not ask.

One attribute of gods and Demons is (according to Sethra Lavode) that they can be in many places at once. Could this multiple speech be an aspect of that ability? Could Verra simply be manifesting herself multiply in the same apparent place, but holding different simultaneous conversations with the different people she manifests to?

(Bölk is similarly heard differently by different listeners. But he's more likely a Demon than a god.)


Verra seems to have an unusual fascination / relation with human blood. A few examples:

  • Verra acquires some of Vlad's blood (in a vial) in one of his "lost episodes" in Dzur.
  • Vlad at one point uses a blood sacrifice to reach Verra's Halls.
  • Not human, but Bölk's blood certainly has a dramatic effect on Verra.
  • More obliquely, Verra seems to refer to everyone by their House more often than by their name, implying that their stock is their most important attribute.
  • Verra points out Vlad's peasant stock versus Miklos's (although not referred to by name) "royal blood".
  • It seems to require e'Kieron blood (or Verra's own) to manipulate amorphia directly. Though Vlad seems to inherit this through reincarnation rather than actual bloodline. And weren't Elder Sorcery and manipulation of amorphia also Verra's responsibility among the Lords of Judgement?

Could this blood fascination be related to:

  • The Jenoine's experiments in genetic engineering that produced Dragaerans, while Verra was their assistant? Could she have been a lab worker focused on blood/genetics?
  • Daughter Aliera's unusual interest and expertise in genetics?

Demon GoddessEdit

Due to the definition of demon by those that have studied magical science, the reference to her as Demon Goddess could be a reference to her enslavement under the Jenoine.

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