An old Serioli living in the Kanefthali Mountains, whom Vlad and Morrolan met in his cave-like shelter in the mountains. This isn't the Serioli's real name, but since Vlad was unable to transcribe his name correctly, or even parse out the phonemes, Vlad simply gave this description of what he thought the name sounded like.

His appearance is given as being short, skinny, nearly albino-pale, wrinkled, and ugly. He was apparently hairless, but on closer inspection had thin, white hair. He was wearing blue and red layered scarves made of silk, had watery blue eyes, and spoke with a pleasant, flute-like voice, albeit with an odd accent.

This fellow has the distinction of being the only Serioli that we've heard from directly. From him we've learned a bit about the Serioli attitudes toward Great Weapons (that they should be introduced as guests). We've also learned that the Serioli refer to Easterners as "the Old People".

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