An ensign in the Phoenix Guard, and a member of the Special Tasks Group under Lord Khaavren.

Timmer was assigned, along with Loftis, to cover up the mess that Domm had made of the Orca conspiracy. An apparently sharp investigator, she was able to track Vlad Taltos (cleverly using a trace of Loiosh), and was probably just a few steps behind Vlad in figuring the conspiracy out for herself.

It is revealed in Tiassa that Timmer had never informed Khaavren at the time about Vlad Taltos's involvement in the resolution of the conspiracy. With the Special Tasks Group's investigation into the beating of Count Szurke (and a missing artifact), Timmer enlightened Khaavren as to some of the information she knew about Taltos, including his use of Loiosh and Rocza as additional protection.

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