Madam Triesco is one of the high figures of the Left Hand. She is very rich. Whenever a bit of malicious sorcery occurs in town a piece of it goes to her. She answers to Caola.

At some point, she sent a letter to Cawti threatening her position in South Adrilankha after recent detoriation of her (Cawti's) control over it. This was one of quite a few signs that the Left Hand of the Jhereg was moving on South Adrilankha; Right Hand territory. The project was under the leadership of Caola and had ties to one of the people in the Jhereg Council: Terion (Triesco is his mistress), who would become the top man in the Right Hand of the Jhereg if the Left Hand group gained control over the area. The group encountered interference, and eventually drew to a stand off between themselves and the interefering party. Caola decided to drop her plans, maybe because of the heat of two Great Weapons. Triesco seemed furious about it, but still hasn't done anything yet.

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